We live in a period where time, place and occasion are far more important elements of how film is made, and how we jointly experience it. 

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SPEC |  "Snickers Therapy"

Misty Slopes

A Long Walk

In partnership with: ProjectSchoolhouse.org

"A Long Walk" is a 7-minute award winning docu-drama filmed in central Nicaragua. The project was screened at live events as part of a fund-raising initiative for the partner organization.


More than one-half of primary schools in developing countries lack access to clean water, and every minute, a child dies from a water-related illness. Providing clean water to impoverished communities prevents these tragedies, and frees children from the crippling burden of carrying water. The film documents how one small girl used dreams, perseverance, and opportunity to make miracles come true in her homeland of Nicaragua.

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The box portraits

Our newest project combines our love of stories with photography. More details coming soon.

Filmmaker for Brands | 2020