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 NEW:  The Duckbill

Built on the idea that our tools should be an extension of ourselves, the Duckbill reshapes the camera body to be more comfortable to hold and control while going hand-held in the field. 

We're giving out a few Duckbills to a few of you that provide feedback, so give it a try... you lucky Duck!

What's a Duckbill?

The Duckbill camera-hold, and it's the first in a new line of ergonomic camera holds reimagining how we connect with our gear.


The Duckbill (designed and built in Austin, TX) weighs under 40 grams and is made from a grippy urethane rubber. The hold attaches to the end of your 15mm rod (mimicking a natural handheld position) and can be used to help redistribute the weight of your rig and reduce strain while manually focusing and zooming.*

* Focus and zoom capabilities with the Duckbill will vary depending on your rig set up.

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Why did we make it?

We love shooting handheld and manually controlling the lens, but let's face it, camera rigs aren't known for their comfort or simplicity. The Duckbill is our first step towards changing that. 

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Making the Duckbill_Marketing

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