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Introducing the Duckbill

What is it exactly?

The Duckbill is a new way to hold, simplify and rebalance the weight of your rig while going handheld in the field. The holds are made here in Austin, TX with a dense polymer clay, giving each a unique design with earthy features. They also come in a variety of colors and styles which is great for personalizing your gear.


The holds attach to the end of your 15mm rod (mimicking a natural handheld position) and can be used to help redistribute the weight of your rig and reduce strain while manually focusing and zooming.


What do you get with each order?

You will get a unique camera hold as well as a 12inch flexible 15mm rod to help fit different rig set-ups and lens sizes. The holds alone work great to support your rig, but if you also want to use it to assist in manually lens control, then simply replace your existing rod with the flexible one, and bend it to your desired fitting.


Please note: The flexible 15mm rod is still a working prototype and may only work with certain rig setups. Please refer to the fitting instructions for more information.

* Flexible rodPatent pending

Why did I make it?

I've always loved shooting handheld and manually controlling the lens for a gritty documentary aesthetic. The Duckbill keeps my rig simple, nimble and more comfortable to hold and control. It's also a fun way to customize my gear.

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Check out these 

fitting instructions.

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