Art must be a non-negotiable part of economic development. Schools, workplaces, communities and the built environment can all have art or creative opportunities embedded in them. This is the vision & mission for Hearty Initiatives. Through art, we develop projects, events and programs with "Changemakers"—Artists, companies, institutions and governments that want to invest in unleashing the human potential of their citizens. 

Artistic Makeup

The Box Portraits are a call to action and framework emphasizing cross and inter-disciplinary approaches to making art, team building, and supporting local businesses and creatives that need it the most.

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How it works:

Creatives interested in developing a Box Portrait must first decide on specific guidelines and design elements, such as themes, rules of engagement, aesthetics, and overall project objectives. This ensures accountability for all participants and maximizes the value for the facilitators. Beyond that, creatives are encourage (and challenged) to push the boundaries and reimagine the box however they want. The applications are limitless, and can be applied to a number of sectors including social causes, advertising, education, live events, fundraising, recruitment and more.

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The Hearty Initiatives.

We want to transform cities through art by working with artistically active communities, developing projects that embrace and celebrate an artistic lifestyle, and design positive experiences for all.

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